Rebecca N

There are a whole bunch of things I KNOW I ought to be doing for myself….and I have a 1000 reasons that I let “me” slip to the bottom of the priority list. My first session with Scott was an excellent check-in and reminder that “me” time…physically, energetically, spiritually…is important. In our energy session I was more relaxed than I have been in years! I experienced a deep sense of peace, warmth and surrender to the moment. I have always struggled with meditation on my own, but feel that with Scott’s support and energy that I was able to release a lot. I left the office feeling calm and energised. In the week since, I’ve been hearing Scott’s gentle encouragement in my mind – “take time for yourself”, and it’s been a big help. I will most certainly be back!

Tracy Lovitt

Scott is a very insightful, positive and open person. At first, I was not sure of what a session of Angelic Reiki would be like, but Scott made me feel encouraged and very comfortable to be open to whatever was to come. My experience was that of a deep relaxation and grounding energy, not only during the session, but also in the days that followed. I felt like someone had pressed my energetic reset button, and was able to handle my day to day stresses with more calmness and clarity. I would absolutely make time to see Scott again, and I would recommend him to anyone that is seeking truly healing energy work.

Kristen Gutoskie

Scott has guided me through the most formative years of my life. He has been my Spiritual Life Coach for some time and I don’t think I could have entered this new phase of my life without his support and wisdom. He has not only helped me to develop my spiritual practice, but has been an incredible light force in my life. His coaching has provided me with access to the Divine world I have always been craving to understand. He does this without projecting any specific belief, but helping me to discover mine. I am spiritually connected more than ever due to his knowledge of our truest nature as humans and divine beings. He has held me accountable for my meditation practice which has been life saving for me. I have dealt with anxiety since childhood and he has helped me become the owner of my own thoughts so that I can manifest the reality I want. He is a non-judgmental ear, who helps me see all sides of every situation in my life, so I may make informed decisions and show compassion. He has taught me the power I have within and how my world can become what I make of it. He has encouraged me to be in service in everything that I do. My ego is likely not a fan of the coachings I do with Scott, because he has helped me to live with humility. I could go on forever in gratitude. Scott has not just changed my life, but has helped ME to change it. He encourages me to find the strength and courage already within me and then seize life to its greatest capacity. I am truly thankful to the healing Scott has brought into my life, and recommend him highly to anyone and everyone in search of finding their truest and greatest selves.

Sora Olah

When you’re feeling ready to shift into a better life experience for yourself, Scott will help you open those amazing channels. His work is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you’re acquainted with energy healing or not, Scott has an easy-going approach yet deeply effective way of tapping into parts of your psyche, body and spirit that he will help to heal which will allow for a more clear, happy and abundant self. He is also great at explaining what you may be feeling intuitively but don’t know how to express. My first session with Scott was a revelation. It’s a very personal experience that unearthed parts of my inner strengths and joys that had been hibernating, and it was healing work that was long overdue. I terrifically recommend Scott to anyone and everyone. You’ll just love it.

Marilla Wex

Scott Yaphe has incredible energy and a totally open spirit. Within 30 seconds of sitting down with him I was metaphorically barfing up my entire life at him. I haven’t done that with a relative stranger since therapy and it felt totally safe and a huge relief.

After the angelic reiki session I felt about 20lbs lighter and an inch taller. In my week since our session I have been incredibly chilled (despite PMSing) and navigated through a difficult conversation with a neighbour, various traffic “moments” and a tense wait to hear about a job) with way more grace and a relaxed attitude that felt like a new and improved version of me. I feel emotionally and spiritually much lighter and better able to deal with day-to-day nonsense and generally calmer and more at peace than I have in years!

Kristen Louise
Shauna MacDonald

Scott is like an antenna to help you connect to a deeper healing force. For me, I felt awash with the most magnificent turquoise blue colour that eventually turned into a darker bright blue, like the shades in the Caribbean Sea. Then, images of my grandmother flooded the film screen behind my closed eyelids. She was laughing, baking cookies and offering me some, putting her gloves on, sitting quietly at the table. And many more images. I heard her laugh several times and heard her voice call me “dear” in the way she always said it. I felt such a wave of comfort and peace. Quiet love surrounding me. It was this caring energy I needed to feel that day and I took that into the rest of my week and the week’s decisions. Scott is a deeply grounded and nurturing soul who genuinely connects with you and helps you access a greater wisdom.

Kate Redford

That was an amazing healing session. It was like taking a mini vacation in his great office space. I enjoyed the helpful conversation before and during the session, too. Scott is masterful at not only listening but offering great insight to any life situation. I felt more grounded instantly during the session. My body completely let go and felt a deep relaxation. I experienced a clearer mind after the treatment. Thank you Scott!

Scott has developed an angelic healing reiki practice that is a truly calming, cleansing and peaceful experience. I left the session feeling happy and energized!


I was at a point in my life where it seemed like all the walls were imploding in on me. My 17 year marriage was coming to a depressing end, my business was struggling, the level of my financial stress has through the roof, and I was diagnosed with cancer.

My entire life I had been an optimistic, jovial guy who people loved to be around. But suddenly for the first time I was in a dark place that felt incredibly heavy. I sought (and am still in) psychotherapy, went to a naturopath, read inspirational books…anything to battle my way out.

And then I met Scott Yaphe.

Scott’s very clear connection to me and my issues were from such a relatable place that I immediately didn’t feel alone. Whereas a psychotherapist sits across from me in his armchair, it’s like Scott is sitting next to me on the same couch. But his guidance and support isn’t textbook “traditional.” It comes from a very gentle spiritual place that is so easy to digest because as soon as you connect with the concepts Scott lays in front of you, it “FEELS” right. It’s something you realize you already knew, but have been burying the connection to.

Scott soon helped me accept the fact that yes, all the walls of my life had collapsed at the same time, like my own personal “big bang theory.” But he also helped me see that from the big bang comes creation. New, beautiful, clean, endless creation.

I am now well on my way out of that dark tunnel and can feel the amazing warm sun on my face. Lots of happiness, confidence, power and light in my life, which is mostly credited to this man…and me.

I cannot recommend Scott highly enough!!!

Scott Yaphe is a compassionate, caring and genuine individual. His level of empathy during treatment and counseling is both comforting and reassuring. He instantly makes you feel at ease and that you are in a safe and ultimately therapeutic environment. I leave his treatments feeling relaxed, light and clear-minded. I would highly recommend Scott to friends or family as I know that they would be in the best hands!


Scott has an incredible understanding of how to heal and grow. Dealing with lots of stress in my industry Scott was able to relive tension in my jaw. Radiating wisdom and compassion, he helps shift his clients into a better life experience.

Andrea Donsky

I had the opportunity to have energy work from Scott recently and loved it! I felt very relaxed from the minute I entered the room. I really like how he used essential oils in the session to help balance my energy. Scott is terrific and I also resonated with his spiritual counsel. His passion for serving others radiates in everything he does. If you are looking for guidance in your every day life and/or your spiritual path, Scott’s your man.


About Me

I was plugged into an energy circuit of bliss.

We all like a good epiphany – the light-bulb moment that can reorient the direction of our lives.

In 2003 I was introduced to the woman who was to become my Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/teacher. My lifelong fascination with metaphysics suddenly had an anchoring point and my life turned on a dime. After I was attuned to Usui Ryoho Reiki level one, I had been plugged into a circuit of blissful, ecstatic energy. It coursed through my body in waves, and knocked me off my feet.


As my sensitivity to Chi energy became heightened, it brought people and experiences to me that were deeper and more meaningful.

I received my Angelic Reiki attunement a few years ago. A significant shift that raised the vibrational bar. It was one thing to engage in a fun, metaphysical conversation about the existence of angels when given the opportunity, but now I was able to actually WORK with them.

My clients and my own experience have since validated that I am now working with an even higher vibration of energy. While the Chi has been flowing through me, I have watched cathartic releases as my clients experience deep connections to their Divine nature. Simply put, the work works, and I am grateful.

Now I am blessed to share my healing abilities with clients around the world. I offer Energy Healing and Spiritual Guidance for people who are seeking meaning, clarity and balance in their lives and for those who wish to go deeper to explore the very essence of who they are.

This is my life’s purpose, and the journey continues.



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