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Spiritual Guidance

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I am blessed to have found my Dharma and mission in life. To help people navigate through confusion, imbalance or crisis and to find deeper joy and connection by applying a spiritual lens to their lives.

It’s a simple formula but a delicate job and I am here to serve as your guide.

  • Can’t shake off a lingering unhappiness dissatisfaction?

  • Struggle to find any meaning to seemingly random trauma, pain and confusion?

  • Feel empty, like something essential is still missing from your life?

  • You seek deeper meaning to your life and clarity on the next steps. 

  • You would like help finding the spiritual answers you have been looking for – not from outside but from deep within.

  • You desire support with exploring spiritual concepts that perhaps others in your life just don’t get or want to talk about.


Being human means we all experience pain and loss. Over time, however, these experiences can stagnate and become blockages that lead to a chronic sense of emptiness. A disconnection from our true selves. But what does that actually mean?


Here’s the missing piece:


Total well-being must not only address the body and mind but also include spirit. Unfortunately, in the modern world spirit is often overlooked or ignored. Even people who are religious or spiritual can sometimes feel lost and begin to question their deeply held beliefs. This crisis of spirit can affect a person on all levels of their life.


I hold a transformative, sacred space to help clients reconnect to their own inherent wisdom and look at their lives from a radically different perspective.


Only by seeing through the eyes of spirit can we gain the missing clarity, insight and sense of meaning. Peace and joy then flow from integrating the authentic or spiritual self into our daily lives.


I create a safe, non-judgmental, non-dogmatic and open space for clients from all spiritual and religious beliefs and backgrounds.


One-on-one sessions in Toronto or online:

Click here to arrange a Spiritual Guidance session.

$150/hr – 1 session
$140/hr – 4 session package

$130/hr – 8 session package

All prices include HST

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