Frequently Asked Questions about working with me

Is your Guidance compatible with existing spiritual/religious traditions?

I don’t proselytize. My Guidance is not connected to any dogma or fixed spiritual or religious beliefs. We can work with any language for the Divine with which you feel comfortable. Everyone is welcome.

What is the difference between Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Life Coaching?

These are overlapping guidance modalities. Spiritual Counselling is similar to traditional counselling only the focus is on applying a spiritual lens to all aspects of your life. Spiritual Direction adopts a more exclusive focus on your spiritual life and relationship to the Divine. Spiritual Life Coaching is a form of support that concentrates on meeting specific goals and outcomes over nominated time-frames. As the name suggests, spirit is not divorced from this process but invited as a co-creator.

Do I have to receive energy work in order to receive your Guidance services?

No. I set a sacred space for all my clients. You may sense or become aware of a shift in your energy before either a Healing or Guidance session but that is all. Energy Healing and Guidance are separate healing services.

This energy stuff is new to me. Is it OK to be skeptical?

YES! My philosophy is that personal experience is the best judge. Just read my story to see what happened to me. That experience changed me forever. Energy healing bypasses the mind to work directly with your energy field. You don’t have to believe in any of this to have your own personal experience or enjoy the benefits.

How does energy healing work?

You have a physical body, yes? I hope so! But you actually have four bodies. You may only be aware of your physical body because that is what you see in the mirror every morning, yet it is the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that make you what you are. These latter three bodies are as real as the physical one you can see and touch but are ethereal in nature and invisible to most. Your beliefs, memories, and ancestral and behavioral patterns are all carried as information on all levels of these four bodies.

Each level communicates with the other in a mutually reinforcing relationship. Even when you get upset or angry (or joyful or excited) your feelings and thoughts influence the flow of your energy and can cause balance or dis-ease (or disease) within your bodies. Energy healing is able to break through to all four bodies and introduce high-vibration light that reaches through every layer in order to:

  • Release beliefs and conditioning that no longer serve the client.
  • Clear memories and trauma held in the cells of the body.
  • Break the feedback loop between mind and body that keeps illness trapped within a closed system.
  • Free a space for your true self to emerge (it never left but was simply obscured).

This is a snapshot. Energy healing is both incredibly complex and elegantly simple.

Will I have an emotional reaction in an Energy Healing session?

You may cry, laugh, sleep or just feel relaxed. I hold a scared space that allows feelings to pass easily and effortlessly. The key is to allow whatever is happening to simply occur. All my clients leave having received exactly what was needed for their highest good from Spirit.

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