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SY_HeadshotI was plugged into an energy circuit of ecstasy. It blew my socks off.

So, you want to know how I went from being an actor and voiceover artist to an energy healer and spiritual counsellor.

We all like a good epiphany – the light-bulb moment that can reorient the direction of our lives. They’re sexy and grab attention. What they don’t do, however, is show all the hard work in between.

I have been lucky enough to experience two such moments.

Light-bulb moment #1

In truth, I fell into acting and voiceover work. A fun hobby that had turned into a career. And as fun as it was to be that actor or play that role, I was missing a heartfelt connection. A connection that a number of my fellow thespians seemed to have deep inside. Then in 2003 I was at a party and was introduced to the woman who was to become my Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/teacher. My lifelong fascination with metaphysics suddenly had an anchoring point. Life can turn on a dime, can’t it?

But that wasn’t the moment.

After I was attuned to Usui Ryoho Reiki level 1, on just my third day of practice by myself, I felt like I had been plugged into a circuit of blissful, ecstatic energy. It coursed through my body in waves. It blew me out of my socks. I immediately called my Reiki Master and asked: “What the hell was that?” She said: “Well, that was your Reiki Guides showing you what the energy feels like. Now you know.”

My Reiki Guides were subtly telling me to start using – and practicing – this power. But this path is not about being bathed in bliss and that feeling never returned. Why? Because it would have been too easy to get attached to the current of ecstasy. A trap for the Ego. They were protecting me from getting hooked and I had work to do.

Let’s just say that for the next decade I became an actor who did Reiki on the side. But as my sensitivity to chi, energy, became heightened, it brought people and experiences to me that were deeper and more meaningful than just going after auditions. Eventually, something had to break – or break through.

Light-bulb moment #2

I received my Angelic Reiki attunement about a year ago. This was no easy sell. I thought: Angels? No wait, c’mon. Seriously? … ANGELS!!? It was one thing to engage in a fun, metaphysical conversation about the existence of angels when given the opportunity but to actually now have to WORK with them?

But it blew my mind. Again.

Still, the attunement wasn’t the moment.

My clients and my own experience have since validated that I am now working with an even higher vibration of energy. While the chi has been popping off my hands, I have watched people laughing (and sometimes crying) on the table with cathartic releases and experiencing deep connection to their Divine nature. Simply, the work works, and that is enough for me.

The epiphany? It came when I was watching a television program I had once played a role on. That used to be my world. I got a shock of recognition: I don’t belong in those shoes anymore. I was actually turned OFF.

The whole idea of being an actor, putting on masks to become someone else, was incongruent with who I was becoming. Let me be clear: I have many amazingly gifted and talented friends who are actors and meant to be doing the work they are doing in that field. But for me? I was done. I am now called to heal. And it is a healer’s job to do their own inner work, face their shadows, so that spirit can flow through them freely. That means taking off my masks.

Acting has cultivated skills that are still relevant: an ability to be totally present in the moment, to be a good listener and to be engaged with the subject matter. I may yet re-enter acting if I hear the call. (Have you seen Oprah in Selma? Wow!) But that’s the point. I only want to be in service of spirit and the greater good.

Now that I have my own practice, I share my healing abilities with clients across the world. I offer Spiritual Guidance for people who are seeking meaning, clarity and purpose in their lives and for those who wish to go deeper to explore the very essence of who they are.

This is my life’s purpose. It’s been quite a ride to get here.

Other quick facts about me:

  • I was born and raised in Montreal and now live in Toronto.
  • I have filmed and recorded alongside the likes of Jenifer Love Hewitt, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, Maya Rudolph and Bob Balaban (visit my imdb page).
  • I never went to theatre school but attended Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program.
  • My first reaction to a Reiki attunement was a modest “that’s kind of neat”. Little did I know.
  • I may have given up Reiki when I first began practicing had I not seen results within a couple of months. (Thank you Guides!)
  • I will never be the type of guy who stands on the street corner screaming: “The Angels are coming, the Angels are coming!”
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